Our competent and passionate speakers provide comprehensible and individualized introductions to the topics of esports and gaming at lectures. Or they dive in and shed a light on topic-specific detailed questions and challenges.

Despite its growing popularity, esports is new territory for many. Our talks and presentations provide a layman’s first insight into a world that turns over budgets in the hundreds of millions every year. We also address specialist audiences and deep dive into specific topics. For example, the gaming culture and its lingo or gamers’ media usage behavior. Whether at congresses, in-house seminars, in classrooms or on livestreams – we bring esports know-how to the public and private sector.

Through a thorough presentation of the DACH region and global esports markets, we present opportunities for brands to get involved. We introduce stakeholders and their respective needs, take a look at the everyday life of a professional streamer or demonstrate how to go from couch gamer to esports athlete.

We answer questions such as:

  • What games are kids playing these days?
  • Which big brands are already represented in Esports and what is the strategy behind their involvement?
  • How do esports players and brands earn money?
  • Who are the people who watch other gamers play games?

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