We organized our first LAN party
Around 20 guys met in the Bärensaal
Worb to play all night at the Filmsoft LAN.


mYinsanity was founded as a Swiss gaming clan. Cédric Schlosser and Dominique Hostettler joined the organisation with their Call of Duty team and fought in various tournaments under mYinsanity’s banner.


In the following years, we organized various LAN parties in the Bern area. Among those, the “Against the Ping” LAN in Kerzers’s community centre became legendary.


mYinsanity takes part in various LAN parties all over Europe. The esports team competes in Switzerland, Germany and travels as far as the UK.


It is in Kirchlindach near Bern that mYinsanity’s board founds a unique opportunity to live and game together: The gaming house. Here, the guys from the board live together, organize home LANs with friends and offer mYinsanity athletes a play to train.


We step it up a notch: mYinsanity signs up its first professional gamer. “Stardust”, a Korean talent comes to Bern to live in the gaming house and take part in various European tournaments. He surprisingly manages to win and give mYinsanity its first DreamHack Summer 2013 championship victory, at the first ever big event of his career.


From being a small Swiss team to reaching the top of the international esports scene, we were able to sign more athletes. Including “Reynor” or the later world champion “Serral”. During high season, up to 14 people from different nations lived in the gaming house.


Our LAN parties are got bigger and bigger. In October 2014, we were allowed to host a LAN with over 200 participants during the BERNEXPO toy fair: the very first SwitzerLAN!


Esports explodes worldwide and mYinsanity continues to grow. We signed up more professionals to compete in tournaments for other games all over the world. We were especially successful in Heroes of the Storm, where we became the best team in Europe.


We reach an important milestone and turn our hobby into our profession: With MYI Entertainment, we founded the first agency for Esports & Gaming in Switzerland.


In addition to various agency assignments, we continue to push our own projects such as mYinsanity or the EEvent LAN party series to promote the national esports scene. The SwitzerLAN now has room for 1337 participants.


We are launching our own convention in collaboration with BernEXPO: HeroFest. In addition to esports and gaming, we are now actively working on broader topics. These include drone racing, cosplay and other entertainment formats for geek communities.


We take over PostFinance’s esport experiment. Five talented Swiss League of Legends players get the chance to live and train as esports professionals for a year, and benefit from a mental, fitness, and nutrition coaches. At the end of the experiment, one of these talents was recruited by top tier international esports organization Fnatic.


Despite the pandemic, MYI Entertainment went full throttle. Events like HeroFest took place in a hybrid version or online. We were also increasingly busy with international projects and established MYI Entertainment in Germany in 2020. As our very first own flagship project for the DACH region, we launched the Rival Rock Series and welcomed thousands of Fortnite gamers in no time.