Viele Personen stehen in einer Schlange fürs Herofest.

We organise a number of events every year. We are able to profitably use our cumulative experience to optimally position our clients’ brands:

  • Conception and planning
  • Budgeting
  • Location and staff planning
  • Schedule and implementation.


Esportler Lubo spielt mit Headset auf einer Bühne Fifa.

In Esports, it is essential to maintain competitive integrity. Our tournaments enjoy a well-respected status in the community, both in Switzerland and Europe:

  • Suitable game selection
  • Planning and organisation
  • Rules and regulations
  • Implementation and administration


Roter Lastwagen mit schwarzem Container steht in der Messehalle Bernexpo.

We are your experts when it comes to gaming infrastructure and logistics. A network of over 2,000 gamers, turning standard PCs into gaming stations for an event or finding the right partner for a live show? We can do it all:

  • Material
  • Infrastructure
  • Ready-to-use gaming stations
  • Assembly and dismantling
  • Transport


Zwei Männer mit Headsets moderieren vor einer Kamera.

We produce reliable and high quality livestream productions. This includes visual assets, ingame camerawork as well as casting and much more. Via Twitch we reach the exact target audience we’re aiming for:

  • Conception and planning
  • Casting and production
  • Overlays and visual assets
  • Streaming


Zwei Männer im Esports-Trikot stehen Rücken an Rücken vor einem Hochhaus.

Thanks to our close-knit network, we have a selection of suitable streamers, presenters, influencers, journalists and esports athletes ready for every project:

  • Search
  • Support
  • Placement


Cosplayers represent characters from a game, cartoon, manga or film as originally as possible by means of a costume and acting. The costumes and props are often self-made. We offer services around this new pop phenomenon:

  • Cosplayers as promoters
  • Cosplay as an advertising medium
  • Custom-made costumes
  • Custom-made props

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