We advise our clients on all aspects of esports and gaming. Together, we find individual solutions that place messages authentically with generations Y, Z and Alpha.

In consulting, we lay the foundation for a commitment in the growing sectors of esports and gaming. Supported by broad know-how, our agency moves flexibly between customer and target group needs. We bring our clients up to date with the latest developments through gaming workshops, esports seminars and communication briefs. From opportunities to risks, we go over every step of the way in order to design a roadmap tailored to our clients needs, whether they are familiar with the subject of gaming and esports, or new to it.

Our consulting department addresses questions such as:

  • In which games does a brand have a brand fit that enables an authentic presence in the esports community?
  • How can brands also reach earned media through creative esports marketing?
  • How can esports and gaming be successfully used for employer branding?
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